My third live coding session is scheduled to Tuesday, January 2nd on 6:30 PM (Central Europe Time).

Last time, I have built a simple user interface for editing the events in my registration portal. This time, I will do a little bit of CSSing, implement the validation and show how Bootstrap for DotVVM can make your life easier.


Watch the live stream on Twitch.

The recording from the second live stream is here:

Few days ago, I have done a live coding session - in the first part, I was building the core of event registration system.

I really enjoyed it, so here is the date for the next session: Tuesday, December 19 at 6:30 PM (Central Europe Time). 

This time, I will be building the core of the admin portal in DotVVM that will allow to manage individual events and reservations.

Today, I have been talking about the dependency injection in .NET Core at .NET Summit, a new .NET conference in Minsk, Belarus.

Here are my slides and demos