Welcome to my English blog

I have been blogging since 2007 on a Czech website called DotNetPortal. I have written a lot of articles about .NET and web development and also many articles with personal opinions on various tech stuff.

Recently, I have started speaking at conferences abroad and met many people who started following me on Twitter. That’s why I have started tweeting in English, and now I’d like to write something occasionally, so I have deployed Mads Kristensen’s MiniBlog (which is a very nice project btw).


Who am I?

I am 29-years old guy from the Czech Republic. 6 years ago, I have started RIGANTI, a small software company which builds custom line of business apps for many customers from the Czech Republic, Great Britain and US. I have also been publishing articles, talking at many user groups and local conferences. I also teach programming and do in-house courses in various companies in the Czech Republic.

I got the MVP award 8 years ago and recently I became Microsoft Regional Director.

3 years ago I have started working on my biggest project - an open source MVVM framework called DotVVM. Soon enough, the project was too big to maintain for one person, so I involved other people from my company. Now, DotVVM is used by dozens of companies from the Czech Republic and other countries.

If I had a free time, I would have played the piano or golf, or finished my model train landscape. But that’s not going to happen anytime soon because I am super busy with so many interesting things at work.


The Goal

I will write about various .NET stuff I run into.

You can also follow me on Twitter. I don’t produce many tweets of my own, but I watch a lot of accounts and aggregate interesting stuff from the .NET and Microsoft world.